Roberto Vecchi

Additional Information


 Roberto Vecchi began writing poetry in High School after hearing the poem “The Raven”, written by Edgar Allan Poe. He instantly gravitated toward Poe’s unrelenting rhythm and found a new outlet for his adolescent emotions. After High School, he attended a community college and enrolled in a creative writing course focusing on poetry. Although challenged to write in many different forms of verse, he excelled and further defined what would eventually become his poetic voice. But as he was dedicated to becoming a physical therapist, his formal education in poetry ended with the single class much the same as his writing ended when he was wed at the early age of 21. Children, continued schooling, and work consumed his time and he would not pick up the ink and quill for nine and a half years.

 Life continued and problems developed. While being consumed by a failed marriage that ended after nine and a half years, failing the trust the medical profession had placed with him, and questioning his purpose in life, instead of picking up the means to end it all, he lifted his pen while sitting in his car at Jaycee Park in Royal Oak, the city of his youth, and wrote “The Reason We Break”.

 Over the next decade he would use poetry to further define and express a spiritual journey he would later name “The Convergence” ultimately leading one to discover their own unique Dragon Within through a pathway he named “The Way of Expression”. But it wasn’t until one of his friends said “You could reach millions!” that he considered publishing his poems in a single collection thereby making it available to the world. Soon after the idea was planted, he published “Dragon Within: Redemption”, the first book of what would become a poetic trilogy. Several years later, after compiling about two hundred more poems, he published the second installment of his poetic spiritual journey titled “Dragon Within: Resonance”. He is currently writing the final installment which will be named “Dragon Within: Awaken” with an estimated publication date of 2020.

At the same time his love for poetry was initiated in early adolescence, so to was his love for epic, high fantasy novels. Propelled into reading by playing Dungeons and Dragons as a youth, he would stay up late at night, often times trying to read by moonlight or flashlight only so he would not wake his brother with whom he shared a room. Tolkien, Feist, Jordan, Brooks, Bakker may have been the most prominent authors capturing his interest and imagination, but they were not lone in their influence. But just like his poetry, his love of high fantasy took a back seat to all the other responsibilities of life; hence, its flame would be left to only smolder until it was rekindled when he began playing Dungeons and Dragons with his children.

 Limited by financial constraints, he would create his own fictional world within which to play instead of spending money on premade, published adventures. The campaign world his children’s characters adventured in would be named Avendia. But again, his fantasy writing was limited to only recreational adventures for he and his children. But all that changed when a close friend of his became tired of reading endlessly long text messages of adventure stories and ideas and responded back by writing, “Why don’t you just write a book?”

 Having been focused on poetry, it never occurred to him to write a novel so much so that he never believed he actually could. In fact, when asked prior to receiving that fateful text message, he would always answer with, “I can’t write a novel.” Two years and over two hundred eighty thousand words later he would publish “Convergence” the first of four planned novels in “The Dragon Within Saga”.

 Thick with epic high fantasy, Roberto combines its traditions with Christianity to create six separate, character driven stories that are woven together by the influence of God and Christ while they each seek to battle Satan and his evil attempts to eradicate all light from Avendia. But he is quick to warn readers that this is neither a traditional high fantasy novel, nor it is a traditional Christian story. When challenged with remarks that one cannot combine Christianity and Epic High Fantasy while maintaining the integrity of both, Roberto can be heard saying, “Hold my beer!” He is currently writing “Reunion” book two of “The Dragon Within Saga” with a projected publication date in the summer of 2019.