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Additional Information

    In 2006 Nathan Perkins, at thirty- seven years of age, started to experience pain. Physical therapy and counseling to resolve the pain led him to make some lifestyle changes that have equipped him to cope and have begun to define who Perkins is.

    He started to regularly play sports. This has helped him to keep himself active and physically fit. Sports have also strengthened him emotionally. He looks forward to his weekly game of soccer, his biweekly games of basket-ball and a regular routine of playing disc golf with his family.

    Writing has also enhanced his life. He started to learn he not only has a knack for creating a good story but he enjoys it immensely. It is, for Perkins, a regular way of expressing his struggles. He strives in his writing to bring his readers encouragement and hope for whatever circumstances they are in, as well as providing an enjoyable read. He spends about two hours every morning throughout the year writing, editing or working on writing related projects.

    During the winter months he treats writing like it’s a full-time job.

He and his wife Pam have been happily married since 1987. They have raised three boys, that have made them very happy and proud. When the whole Perkins family is together the boys and their wives love playing and sometimes inventing board games, they love making creative woodworking projects in the barn, and they love to play disc golf.

    Perkins has written several books. His first few books are out of print and hard to find. The first was a book about creating group building games for your church youth group. He wrote this during his years as a youth ministry consultant. He also published a book that his oldest son, Josh and he wrote together, called When Dad Goes to Mars. Perkins is currently rewriting another out-of-print book. It is a science fiction novel called Time and Space.

    Perkins has retired from his first career where he served for twenty-five years as a pastor in the Free Methodist Denomination. He has picked up a dual careers in about 2011 as one of the managers at Upland Hills Farm and as a writer of farm themed children’s books. In both of his current jobs he is known as Farmer Nate.

Farmer Nate


   His four children’s books are written under the author name of Farmer Nate. They include A Day with the Animals at Upland Hills Farm, Moose the Goose, Sherlock the Sheep, and Lazy Goat, Crazy Goat

    He is about to release a fifth children’s book called Hop(October 2019). All of Perkins’ in print books can be found and purchased right here on the Love n’ Light website or you can get your copy signed if you purchase one when you visit Upland Hills Farm.

    Each of these entertaining children’s books are crafted to be useful for helping young readers to learn new words, phrases, and ideas.

    Your purchase of Hop at the release date event will benefit The Daisy Project Michigan. Follow this link to see how you can participate in this event and help Love n’ Light have and even greater impact.