jacklin kinzer

Additional Information

I am a wife, a proud mother of 3 and a grandmother of 8. 

I struggled thru motherhood without a clue, or a penny to my name. As I made my way through motherhood, I offered my children much love and instilled in them the importance of always having self-confidence.

A little-known fact about me: I could barely read throughout my childhood. I knew in my heart about the importance of reading. So, as a parent, I made it a priority for each of my children to read well. Education is everything!

When my son was young, he struggled with falling asleep, his mind seemed to race at bedtime. So, at bedtime I used his stuffed animals to speak to him from the foot of his bed each night. By doing this it would calm him so he could sleep. This is where the voice of “Little Bear” was born. 

With the fast pace of the internet and phones, my husband and I found ourselves feeling disconnected from the world. It was then, that we adopted these two adorable little stuffies, Dog & Bear. 

At first, they just sat with us in evenings while watching TV. Tiny bits of humor came out of me, as though it was Little Bear’s voice, bringing smiles and laughter to us. Then, we began taking them along with us on outings into nature. Later, we found ourselves stopping to take pictures of them doing silly things, so we could send them out to our grandchildren’s phones. It was much more fun than selfies. 

So many friends wanted us to post these pictures along with their stories for them all to see. We want our stories to bring joy. This is how we came to realize, their stories should be shared. Our love for family is the reason why we wish to share our “Dog & Bear”. Always read!

So here I am with “The Adventures of Dog & Bear”, written by me, Jacklin Kinzer, as if to be, in the words of “Little Bear”. Spreading My Wings Out Wide, Into My New Adventure.