amy denise silvester

Additional Information

I am a mother of three, Miranda, Lauren and Liam and a step mother to two, Alex and Ben. All our children are amazingly different, my heart is full. My husband, Don, and I lovingly refer to our family as “The Brady Bunch”. Blending hasn’t always been easy, but we love each and every one of our children.

I have always been a writer, even as a young child, poetry and short stories. I was a staff writer at Oakland University, where I studied Communications and Art (Graduating class of 1996). After a brief career in advertising I chose to stay home with my girls. It was at this time I began working with children teaching swim.

Always writing, reading, creating and journaling. Once Liam was born I really dove into my passion and began developing characters. Having the ability to stay home with him enabled me to focus on writing. Thusly, leading me to “The Tender Turtle”.

My family has been an inspiration. I have always told my kids, you can do anything you aspire to do. Do what you love, do your best and have fun doing it. So now Momma is listening to her own advice and following her dream.

Toby is a character who represents our youngest blessing, our son Liam. Liam is our later in life child. The “ours” in his, mine and ours. He is such a beautiful child. His spirit is tender and loving. His inquisitiveness is infectious. He is always happy and truly loving.

Toby will experience so many life changing lessons. Each book will depict a characteristic that embraces diversity and always love. He will meet new characters and learn from them. My goal is for “The Tender Turtle” to become a series for elementary age school children.

For more information please visit my website, you can also leave me a message for I am interested to hear how “Toby” has touched your family.

May love n’ light be with you.