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Here is my presentation in a 'turtle shell'

Introduction: I am Amy Silvester, mother of 3 step-mom of 2. I have a blended family, my step-sons are Alex, 21 & Ben, 19. I have 2 daughters, Miranda, 18 & Lauren, 14. Last but not least, Liam, 3.5, who is my muse for "The Tender Turtle". 
(A brief bio, refer to the one in my book)

When did I decide that I wanted to be a writer?  I have ALWAYS wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. I have been writing short stories and essays my whole life and I have been working on my memoir over the past 2 years. (Briefly explain memoir) I was a staff writer on Oakland University's Student Paper "The Oakland Post" I also studied art there and participated in many art shows at Meadowbrook Art Gallery. 

What my writing is about: Life experiences. People I have met or helped while teaching swim. Mostly though, my main character, Toby, is modeled after my youngest son Liam. (Day in the life experiences of kindness and love, also lessons to be learned).

Illustrations: I do all my own. (Explain the process from sketching to editing on the computer) the medium I use and the time it takes. (Start to finish, proof book etc) I purposely draw my characters in a childlike manner to make them more relatable.

The importance of pursuing one's dream: Explain a little about my past jobs. After college I worked in advertising (which can be shown in my story boards), I had my girls and stayed at home with them and taught swim lessons and coached a local swim club for many years. Once Liam was brought into my life I began writing more and more. My family is very supportive; we are a team.

Read "The Tender Turtle": Talk about the cover (front & back), point out the ISBN number, Copyright, Dedication, Title page (audience participation).

Now we write a short story of our own, together: I have a large sketch pad I use. I ask several questions (What is your favorite treat to eat? What is your favorite place? Who is your favorite person?). We create a short story. This demonstrates the writing process while getting them involved. It is a great recap of the process and they are active participants.

Time: 45 min presentation to an hour.  A 30 min presentation can be tailored to the K thru 1 grade levels.

I am so excited to share "The Tender Turtle" and I am equally excited to inspire children to reach for the stars and shine.

Students typically order a book a few weeks before the visit and then pay for the books the day of (cash or check).  I can either have the books signed ahead of time or do it on site.  I will send a flyer with information prior to my visit for students to do so, if they want.  I will offer a discounted book price as well.

I hope this is helpful. I am open to suggestions. I may be reached by email and phone 248.318.3574.

-Amy Silvester 
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